How to Make MySQL for the Cloud

Tuesday 2:20PM-3:10PM

@ Field Suite 1

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference



Alibaba Cloud Database Kernel Team is supporting cloud database services in Alibaba Cloud Platform.
The MySQL in Cloud is big different with local MySQL. Usually, Cloud supports multi-tenancy. Then we need some features for that, such as:
1. Reset Connection: Let the connections can be re-used by different users.
2. Proxy Bypass IP: Let the Proxy can set the real client IP for connections.
3. Usergroup: SUPER/non-SUPER users are not enough, different users need different access poclies and resource quotas.
4. Implict Primary Key: It will let every tables have a default key internally for all engines, avoid the replication issues.
5. Flashback: It can let users can rollback the small mis-operations, instead of rollback all instance from a backup set.
And many other features for the Cloud cases.
In this session, you can know how Alibaba Cloud make MySQL is more suitable for the Cloud environment.


Lixun Peng

Lixun Peng (Alibaba Cloud)

Staff Database Engineer


I work as a Staff Database Engineer for Alibaba Cloud, am a Senior Developer for the MariaDB Foundation, and have been an Oracle ACE for MySQL since 2013. I'm also Vice-President of the All China MySQL User Group (ACMUG), and have contributed numerous features and bugfixes to the MySQL/MariaDB community such as multi-source replication, thread memory monitoring, Flashback, etc. I'm also a co-translator of the Chinese version of the High Performance MySQL (3rd) and MariaDB Knowledge Base.


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