Database Reliability Engineering

Wednesday 10:10AM-10:30AM

@ Goldsmith

Open Source Databases

20 minutes


Business / Case Studies

A Q&A with the Authors of the newly released O'Reilly title: Database Reliability Engineering. Join Laine and Charity as they discuss their new book, "Database Reliability Engineering", which focuses on designing and operating resilient database systems and uses open-source engines such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra as examples throughout.


 Laine Campbell

Laine Campbell (OpsArtisan)

Sr. Director, Production Engineering


Database professional with extensive and proven knowledge of how to grow and sustain database infrastructures and persistence tiers for highly available and successful web applications at scale. Having supported such companies as Obama for America, Activision/Call of Duty, Echosign/Adobe, Disney Mobile, Travelocity and Technorati, I know what is needed to take a database ecosystem to the next level to support the demanding web applications being built today. Technical leader with combination of Management and Leadership, Business and Product Development and technical breadth/depth. Experience leading organizations up to 60 people, across multiple countries, while supporting significant numbers of clients and projects. An advocate for distributed architecture and systems, the culture of DevOps, and Open Source solutions wherever possible. I enjoy collaborating, knowledge sharing and supporting the growth of those on my teams, in my company and in my communities.

 Charity Majors

Charity Majors (Honeycomb)



CEO/cofounder of Honeycomb combines the raw accuracy of log aggregators, the speed of time series metrics, and the flexibility of APM (application performance metrics) to provide the world's first truly next-generation analytics service. Previously ran operations at Parse/Facebook, managing a massive fleet of MongoDB replica sets as well as Redis, Cassandra, and MySQL. Worked closely with the RocksDB team at Facebook to develop and roll out the world's first Mongo+Rocks deployment using the pluggable storage engine API.

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