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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Using and Managing MariaDB Server

Using and Managing MariaDB Server

Experience level: 
3 hours tutorial
Operations and Management
Tools and Techniques


The MariaDB Server is loaded with lots of new (and/or different) features to increase data integration, performance, availability, scalability and orchestration. If you happen to be a DBA with a MariaDB Server instance or a developer wanting to use the different features, this is the tutorial for you to learn about the differences and how to get on with your daily work. This is a tutorial accompanied with exercises (it is not necessarily hands-on). We will cover these topics: - MariaDB Server up to 10.1: new features, differences with MariaDB 5.5 and MySQL 5.5/5.6, and 10.1 versus MySQL 5.7 - Install and run the MariaDB Server - Getting familiar with the changes from an administration standpoint - Learning the use cases for the myriad engines that exist (including data integration, sharding, etc.) - Hands on multi-source replication, parallel replication, usage of replication domains and integration with Galera replication - and all the rest that comes with MariaDB Server and how you can use it to your benefit Note: There will be more focus on the features and using them (say, KILL enhancements, progress reporting, etc.) rather than just focus on storage engines. So come alone to learn about what MariaDB offers!


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Colin Charles

Chief Evangelist, Percona


Colin Charles is the Chief Evangelist at Percona. He was previously on the founding team of MariaDB Server in 2009, and had worked at MySQL since 2005, and been a MySQL user since 2000. Before joining MySQL, he worked actively on the Fedora and projects. He's well known within open source communities in APAC, and has spoken at many conferences.

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