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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Real-time Analytics from a MySQL Data Source

Real-time Analytics from a MySQL Data Source

 19 April 04:50 PM - 5:15 PM @ Ballroom E
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25 minutes conference
Business Intelligence


Companies today require a defined, scalable approach to real-time analytics to keep up with immediacy of today’s user expectations. Building these business intelligence systems can strain even the most advanced architectures, placing a higher burden on resources. The ability to deliver timely, more perceptive analytics, on constantly changing data sets presents itself as a frequent challenge. For many businesses, MySQL captures and processes the majority of the application information. But at times it can prove challenging to couple real-time analytics with this infrastructure. Using an in-memory database to complement MySQL with real-time analytics allows for an effective segmentation of core business processes with cutting edge business intelligence. A complementary standalone database allows users to analyze data in real time, but with the structure and querying ease of SQL for simple and effective data management. Cutting edge technologies now combine in-memory processing, full SQL capabilities, and the MySQL protocol refreshing shift in the database market. In this session, Nikita Shamgunov, CTO and co-founder of MemSQL—which has been at the forefront of using real-time databases for transactions and analytics—will demonstrate how to easily build data pipelines to analyze real-time and historical data simultaneously to operate in today’s new data-driven world.


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Nikita Shamgunov



Nikita Shamgunov co-founded MemSQL and has served as CTO since inception. Prior to co-founding MemSQL, Nikita worked on core infrastructure systems at Facebook. He served as a senior database engineer at Microsoft SQL Server for more than half a decade. Nikita holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate in computer science, has been awarded several patents and was a world medalist in ACM programming contests.

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