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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Push databases: A better way to build realtime apps

Push databases: A better way to build realtime apps

 20 April 01:00 PM - 01:50 PM @ Ballroom D
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50 minutes conference
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Modern games, collaborative apps, and connected devices require sending data directly to the user in realtime. Web browsers support this via WebSockets, but adapting database systems still presents a huge engineering challenge. RethinkDB is an open source database for the realtime web. It has an exciting new access model — instead of polling, the developer can tell RethinkDB to push updated query results to applications in realtime. In this talk we’ll explain how the push access model lets developers build scalable realtime apps in a fraction of the time and engineering effort.


Slava Akhmechet's picture

Slava Akhmechet

Founder, RethinkDB


Slava Akhmechet is the founder of RethinkDB, a database company dedicated to helping developers build realtime web applications. Prior to RethinkDB he was a systems engineer in the financial industry, working on scaling custom database systems. Slava is a frequent speaker and a blogger. He blogs about his interests in open source, developer tools, building delightful user experiences, and distributed systems on He is currently on leave from a Ph.D. program in Computational Neuroscience at Stony Brook University.

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