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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Monitoring MySQL at Scale

Monitoring MySQL at Scale

 21 April 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM @ Ballroom H
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50 minutes conference
Operations and Management
Tools and Techniques


MySQL, like any other production service, needs to be monitored whether it be for potential performance problems, availability issues, or utilization as part of capacity planning. But with so many metrics exposed by our operating systems and MySQL, what exactly should one monitor and alert on? This can be a daunting question to answer with just a few servers, let alone in dynamic environments deployed in the cloud. Join the Datadog and Lithium teams as as we discuss key MySQL metrics, as well as how they interact to impact performance and availability of your database, infrastructure and applications. Along the way we will touch on some of the challenges associated with monitoring dynamic infrastructure, and how Lithium and Datadog have been able to overcome them in our own deployments. While this talk will take many examples from Lithium's use of Datadog as their MySQL monitoring solution, the metrics and frameworks discussed will offer attendees monitoring strategies they can take home and use immediately regardless of the monitoring platform they select.


Ovais Tariq's picture

Ovais Tariq

SRE, Uber


Ovais is a MySQL architect, performance engineer, Chef consultant and an open source contributor and advocate. Ovais currently works at Uber as a Site Reliability Engineer. He is also the co-founder at TwinDB. Previously, Ovais worked at Lithium Technologies as a Lead SRE, at Percona as a Senior MySQL Consultant and at a few other startups in various capacities.

Ilan Rabinovitch's picture

Ilan Rabinovitch

Dir, Technical Community, Datadog


Ilan is Director of Technical Community at Datadog. Prior to joining Datadog, he spent a number of years leading infrastructure and reliability engineering teams at organizations such as Ooyala and In addition to his work at Datadog, he active in the open-source and DevOps communities, where he is a co-organizer of events such as SCALE, Texas Linux Fest, DevOpsDay LA and DevOpsDays Silicon Valley.

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