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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Heterogeneous Data Storage Systems: A Guide for the Modern DBA

Heterogeneous Data Storage Systems: A Guide for the Modern DBA

 18 April 9:30AM - 12:30PM @ Ballroom D
Experience level: 
3 hours tutorial
Big Data


While we all love and praise one database management system over the others, the smart DBA will quickly recognize each of them is a good fit for some tasks, but a horrible fit for others. With this knowledge, a smart DBA will also see the need to consider using a diversity of data storage backends to improve efficiency, reliability, performance and in the end reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximize performance. To help the modern DBA with this chore, we'll do a quick overview of the many types of specialized data storage systems: relational DBs, key-value store, document store, time series, columnar, search and the now-in-the-headlines graph DBMS. Then we'll go a bit deeper and do a quick introduction of top exponents from each of those specialized storage systems. We'll see their specific characteristics and go through the key defining features for a database -- support for server-side scripts, triggers, partitioning, replication, MapReduce, consistency concepts, foreign keys, transaction model, concurrency handling, durability, in-memory capabilities, authentication and ACL capabilities, etc. And of course we'll also point out advantages, disadvantages, limitations and good use cases vs. bad use cases. At the end of this talk, attendees will know about the many DBMSs in existence and will have gained the necessary knowledge to know what particular data storage system might be a better fit for their needs -- and if it's worth having an heterogeneous data center or not.


Ryan Lowe's picture

Ryan Lowe

Platform Engineer, Square, Inc.


Ryan is a Platform Engineer at Square, where he manages thousands of instances of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis. Before joining Square, Ryan helped build and scale some of the largest web, social, gaming, and mobile properties as a Consultant at Percona. As an author, speaker, and active contributor to F/OSS projects, his expertise extends to a variety of data stores, cloud and big data, and beyond.

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Jervin Real

Engineer Engineering Engineers, Percona


Jervin is a member of the Technical Services at Percona where he partners with its customers on building reliable and highly performant MySQL infrastructures while also doing other fun stuff like watching cat videos on the internet, reading bugs for novels, and playing around servers for numbers.

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Marcos Albe

Principal Technical Services Engineer, Percona


After 12 years working as a PHP/JS developer for local and remote firms, Marcos decided to pursuit true love and become full time DBA, so he has been doing MySQL Support at Percona for the past 6 years providing lead web properties with advise on anything-MySQL and in-depth system performance diagnostic help.

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