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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Give Me My Damn Report: Making NoSQL Data Accessible to the Business

Give Me My Damn Report: Making NoSQL Data Accessible to the Business

 20 April 01:00 PM - 01:50 PM @ Room 209
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50 minutes conference
Big Data
Business Intelligence


Modern databases like Couchbase, MarkLogic, and MongoDB offer a flexible data model (NoSQL), powerful horizontal scalability, and an ease-of-use that's almost unprecedented in the relational world. Yet, the decision to deploy a NoSQL database presents certain unique challenges for DBAs, developers, architects, and data engineers: namely, how to make that data accessible to the rest of the organization. In the brave new world of NoSQL database technology, all the analytics, reporting, and BI tools that businesses have come to depend on just don't work anymore. In their place, NoSQL databases offer proprietary query languages and esoteric developer APIs, which are great for building applications, but not so great for making the data accessible to the business. In this presentation, NoSQL analytics guru John A. De Goes will present a variety of options that DBAs, developers, architects, and data engineers have to deliver self-service data accessibility, analytics, and reporting on top of NoSQL databases. John will provide a survey that covers all the standard options, including BI connectors, NoSQL-first analytics tools, real-time ETL, and Hadoop-based data warehousing. Attendees will learn the tradeoffs that each of these options have, as well as discover that when it comes to data accessibility and analytics, not all NoSQL databases were created equal: some are far better suited to the task than others, making the choice of the right NoSQL database more important than ever.


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John De Goes

CTO, SlamData Inc.


John is a CTO of SlamData Inc. and also an independent IT consultant for a variety of technologies.

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