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April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California

Getting Bare-Metal Performance for Databases Running on Hyper-Converged Systems with Linux Containers and SDS

Getting Bare-Metal Performance for Databases Running on Hyper-Converged Systems with Linux Containers and SDS

 20 April 11:10 AM - 12:00 PM @ Room 203
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50 minutes conference
Tools and Techniques


Linux containers such as Docker dramatically improve packaging and deploying applications directly onto bare metal servers. You can now get the manageability benefits of virtualized applications without the IO overhead of traditional hypervisors. In this session, we will discuss best practices for running databases on Linux containers and achieving higher performance through hyper-convergence. By provisioning storage infrastructure using SDS directly onto the servers hosting the containerized databases, you can co-reside compute with storage and yet retain the manageability of the applications through Docker.


Gou Rao's picture

Gou Rao

CTO, Portworx


Gou Rao is the CTO and Co-Founder at Portworx. Portworx is innovating the next generation software defined data center infrastructure based on Linux Containers and Docker. At Portworx, Rao leads the company’s technology, market and solution execution strategy. Prior to Portworx, Rao was the CTO and Executive Director of Data Protection at Dell. At Dell, Rao was in charge of the technical direction, strategy and architecture of all Dell data protection products, which included Dell DR disk based backup data protection line, AppAssure Backup and Recovery solutions, Quest-NetVault Backup software and Quest-VRanger backup solutions for virtual infrastructures. Rao joined Dell through the acquisition of Ocarina Networks, the leader in Data Optimization algorithms for enterprise storage systems. At Ocarina, Rao was the Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Architect. Rao was responsible for algorithm design, implementation and product architecture. Ocarina Networks was acquired by Dell in 2010 and Rao continued his role as the Executive Director of technology, in charge of algorithms and architecture. Under his technical leadership, the teams developed the DR data protection appliance and integrated storage optimization technologies into our primary storage filesystem, the Fluid FS. Prior to Ocarina, Rao was the CTO of the Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) for Citrix Systems. Citrix ASG provided solutions for Secure Remote Access, IP Telephony Applications, Business Continuity and Mobile Solutions. Rao provided technology and product leadership to Citrix Systems on identifying new market opportunities. Rao was the CTO and Co-Founder of Net 6 and joined Citrix via the acquisition. While at Net6, Rao was the inventor of the Hybrid VPN, the first of its kind to provide application access from any PC with support for real-time applications such as VoIP. Using cutting edge SSL over IP techniques, Rao architected a channel ready product that worked seamlessly for all applications with superior application performance and geographical high availability. Prior to joining Net6, Rao was an open source Linux kernel developer AND a key Operating Systems Architect at Intel where he worked on the IA-64 project. At Intel, Rao worked on various UNIX kernels, and in particular designed and implemented some key components of Linux’s Intel 64-bit architecture. He was also a key architect for Lockheed Martin’s distribution and optimization network for low-bandwidth radio-based networks, as utilized by the U.S. defense industry. Rao has a Master’s degree in Computer Science, graduating with a 4.0 GPA from the University of Pennsylvania. Rao has been awarded over 40 patents so far.

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