Percona Live: Data Performance Conference 2016 Logo

April 18-21, 2016

Santa Clara, California


Brian Ip's picture
Platform Engineer , Square, Inc.
Chad Jones's picture
Chief Strategy Officer , Deep Information Sciences
Changho Choi's picture
Principal Software Engineer , Samsung Semiconductor Inc
Charity Majors's picture
Cofounder/CEO , Honeycomb
Christian Rober's picture
Senior Software Engineer , Percona
Christine Yen's picture
Cofounder/CTO , Honeycomb
Christos Soulios's picture
Big Data Architect , Pythian
Colin Charles's picture
Chief Evangelist , Percona
Colin Charles's picture
Chief Evangelist , Percona
Dan Lynn's picture
CEO , AgilData Inc
Director , Motiv
Dan Reif's picture
Production Engineer , Facebook
Daren Seagrave's picture
MySQL Infrastructure Engineer , Facebook
Dave Anselmi's picture
Director of Product Management , Clustrix
Dave Nielsen's picture
Developer Advocate , Redis Labs
Dave Stokes's picture
MySQL Community Manager , Oracle
Davi Arnaut's picture
Software Engineer , LinkedIn
David Bennett's picture
QA Engineer , Percona
David Bravant's picture
DBA Manager , SurveyMonkey
David Busby's picture
Information Security Architect , Percona
Staff Software Engineer , Box
David Murphy's picture
MongoDB Practice Manager , Percona
David Tuhy's picture
Senior Director of Business Development, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group , Intel
David Turner's picture
Storage SRE , Uber
Demeter Sztanko's picture
Data Architect , Badoo
Derek Downey's picture
OSDB Practice Advocate , Pythian
Dimitri KRAVTCHUK's picture
MySQL Performance Architect , Oracle
Dylan Butler's picture
Senior Database Administrator , SAS Institute
Emanuel Calvo's picture
Sr. Technical Services , Percona
Emily Slocombe's picture
Senior Database Administrator , SurveyMonkey