Things to do in Austin

Whilst in town for Percona Live, we recommend using the opportunity to explore Austin and all it has to offer!
Below are some of our top recommendations which we hope you find useful!


Check out the World Famous Congress Bridge Bats

If you’re lucky enough to have a Lake facing room, you might get the opportunity to witness the bats right outside your window at dusk.
Otherwise, join the community dinner river cruise to see them from the Lone Star River Cruise.
If you didn’t get a ticket, take a stroll to the bridge or opt to hop on a cruise with friends and view them right on the doorstep of the Hyatt Regency.


Walk, Jog, or Ride the Boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake

It wasn't until they finished the boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake that you could circle the entire trail without a few treks on the road. Now there's a full 10.2 mile loop along the water in downtown Austin. You can begin the trail right on the hotel doorstep!


Dining & Drinking

Breakfast Taco's

The adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is made considerably less a chore and something fun to do when you realize that tacos are, indeed, breakfast food. There is no city in the world where this is embraced more than Austin, Texas. Many conversations can be had about who serves the best breakfast taco, and no answer is correct. Whether a Tex-Mex creation of BBQ and flour tortillas or simple beans, cheese and eggs, Austin appreciates the flour tortilla fuel, you'll need to get through a day of adventure and sightseeing.


It's all about the BBQ

You could argue that the true home of barbecue in Texas is in Denton. You would also be foolish not to enjoy some of Austin's offerings. It's Texas, so BBQ means beef and Austin has been a city which chef's flock to. The humble fire pit becomes a cauldron of smoky genius in Austin.
Check out Terry Black’s located a 10 minute walk down Up barton Springs road from the Conference venue.


Rainey Street

Rainey Street District is probably the most unusual nightlife scene in Austin. The first bar to open in Rainey was Lustre Pearl located in an old home. Not too long after other homes converted into bars and now the area is covered with bars, hotels, restaurants, and food trucks, offering one of Austin's most unique nightlife districts.

East Side Tap Rooms

People in Texas always claim theirs is better. It's just part of being Texan. However, this boisterous nonsense comes to a screeching halt when it comes to craft beer. Everyone knows Austin, TX does it best, and there are few willing to raise a contrary opinion. On the eastside alone you have Blue Owl, Hops & Grain, Zilker and others vying for the most people enjoying a cold beer in the same room each day.

Austin City Guide

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