Yekesa Kosuru

Yekesa Kosuru

Yekesa Kosuru

Managing Director, Database Engineering, State Street


On a mission to create open source serverless elastic databases. Yekesa is a technically savvy results-driven product development executive with 23 years of experience and an entrepreneurial spirit to deliver disproportionate value to the business. Adept at developing and mentoring teams to deliver top performance, highly scalable, and competitive products that generate strategic value to the enterprise. Proven track record to design, architect, lead, build and deliver systems from paper to production. Effective in articulating product design to all knowledge levels. A passionate leader that deeply cares about ilities, - availability, scalability, observability, etc. Expertise spans Leadership, Big Data, Cloud, Large-Scale Systems, SaaS, Databases, NoSQL, Architecture, Security, Key-Value store, Data Warehousing, Analytics, Map Reduce, Cloud, AWS.

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An Open-Source, Cloud Native Database (CNDB)

During our presentation at Percona Live 2019 Intel and its software partners will introduce the audience to the work we're doing to enable an open-source framework, we call Cloud Native Database (CNDB). This is a collaborative effort between Intel, Rockset, PlanetScale, MariaDB, and Percona. Why is Intel giving this talk? We believe such an open-source CNDB is the perfect complement to the Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory, QLC-NAND-based NVMe, and Cascade Lake CPU products.

Over the last couple of years we've talked to numerous database practitioners, across many companies and industries. What emerged from these discussions is clarity on the demand for an open-source equivalent to a Cloud Native Database such as Amazon's Aurora, Facebook's MySQL, and Azure's CosmosDB. In this talk, you will learn about our effort to make such an open-source Cloud Native Database available to the community.

Through the presentation, the audience will be introduced to a set of principles and architectural elements that define what we mean by Cloud Native Database. We will discuss Rockset's RocksDB-Cloud library and how it works with Facebook's MyRocks storage engine. We also will cover PlanetScale's Vitess project and their use of Kubernetes for deployment of our Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) mechanisms. Lastly, we share data on the performance and scale characteristics of the architecture and components that we have developed.

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