Stacy Yuan

Stacy Yuan

Stacy Yuan

MTS 1, Database Engineering, PayPal Holdings Inc


Stacy has 16 years of experience on various flavors of relational databases. Stacy focuses on performance tuning, code reviews, database deployment and infrastructure management for MySQL. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books and doing some volunteer work.

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MySQL Security and Standardization at PayPal

Data security plays a critical role in PayPal's database infrastructures. In this presentation, we will discuss how PayPal enforces data security. The following areas will be covered:

- SSL encrypted connections between applications and database instances, as well as database to database instances
- Integration of database login with LDAP for user authentication and authorization
- Enterprise auditing for database access and metadata/object modifications
- Securing application login with custom SSL key and password management, password rotations
- Methods to avoid password exposure, such as by using MySQL connection strings
- Challenges of standardization of MySQL to Percona XtraDB in PayPal. How we handled
-- different versions of MySQL on different operating systems
-- application users with super user privileges
-- incompatibilities between MySQL commercial and Percona XtraDB Cluster

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