Marco Tusa

Marco Tusa

Marco Tusa

Consulting Manager, Percona


Marco Tusa had his own international practice for the past twenty eight years. His experience and expertise are in a wide variety of information technology and information management fields, cover research, development, analysis, quality control, project management and team management. Marco is currently working at Percona as High Availability Practice Manager, previously working at Percona as manager of the Consulting Rapid Response Team on October 2013. He has being working as employee for the SUN Microsystems as MySQL Professional Service manager for South Europe., and previously in MySQL AB. He has worked with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation since 1994, leading the development of the Organization's hyper textual environment.Team leader for the FAO corporate database support. For several years he has led the development group in the WAICENT/Faoinfo team.

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Are we there Yet? (The Long Journey From Oracle to Open Source Solution)

We in Percona are constantly looking at how we can help our customers to have the right solution at the right time. We are constantly looking to identify the right tool for the job.

In our constant research, we identified that migrating from Oracle, MS SQL or any other closed source data platform, is becoming more and more relevant for large organizations.

The maturity reached by open source solutions, the large adoption of those solutions in medium-size companies or for new projects, in conjunction with the agility they have to adapt platforms to newer and more modern needs, had finally led large organizations/enterprises to understand that "It can be done".

Still, the journey from closed source to open source is not always a walk in the park.

There are many factors that must be considered and analyzed, to successfully migrate.

There are simple situations, where a simple data migration with few schema adjustments is enough, and much more complex scenarios where to migrate, the whole logic must be reorganized.

Finally, there are situations where migrating is simply not possible or valuable.

Having a clear path that can help you to assess what is what, and how much effort is needed for each case, is gold. Literally, because it will allow you to focus on what makes sense, and the right effort and resources.

The scope of this presentation is to illustrate how we in Percona perform that assessment, and what is our methodology to assist our customer to successfully decide how and if to migrate.

Accessing Data Through Hibernate, What DBAs Should Tell Developers

This presentation will go through the simple process of accessing data from a Java application. What actually happens when we use a simple direct connection, and what instead happens using an ORM/Persistent layer like hibernate. How this apparently makes programmers life easier... and the DBA's days more difficult.

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