Jervin Real

Jervin Real

Jervin Real

Technical Services Manager, Percona


Jervin partners with Percona's customers on building reliable and highly performant MySQL and MongoDB infrastructures. He believes automation, visibility and an excellent amount of curiosity makes for a good data engineer. Jervin joined Percona in Apr 2010.

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Low Cost Transactional and Analytics With MySQL and Clickhouse, Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Would you like MySQL Protocol Compatibility and near real time dashboard analytics with that?

We are hoarding data in the hopes of making meaningful information out of them to make smart business decisions. But we also resort to inflating costs just to satisfy this need (or not). While there have been a number of open source roll your own options, it has been also operationally costly and sometimes stressful to maintain, not to mention the shortcomings of each. If you have been traditionally storing your data with MySQL and have been enduring running your queries from the same set of servers, fret no more - Clickhouse might just be what you need. In this presentation, we will discuss how to deploy, design, and maintain a Clickhouse analytics platform that continuously reads data from your MySQL servers in near real-time*.

* Depends if you have transformations or complex schema.

Replicating MySQL Data to TiDB For Real-Time Analytics

With the amount of stored data growing quickly, analytics work has turned into a very intensive workload that will hit our MySQL servers in very hard way.

During the last few years we have seen a bunch of new engines designed to digest big portions of data and help with analytical queries. Now there is a new contender in the arena that claims to be MySQL Compatible, High Impact and Open Source Analytics.

During the course of this session we will go through each of these topics and try to answer:
- Compatible - how hard it is to take data out of MySQL and how much lag it may suffer on real workload?
- High Impact - near real time query response, low cost of entry high ROI?
- Open Source - open source only?

Moreover, we will compare the solution against some other popular products already in the market like ColumnStore, Cassandra, Clickhouse and we'll see how TiDB behaves in comparison.

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