TiDB and Amazon Aurora: Compare, Contrast, Combine

Wednesday 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

@ Big Bend AB


50 minutes conference



As database solutions that are dedicated to solving the scale-out pain points in MySQL, Amazon Aurora MySQL and TiDB share a lot in common. They can both scale out your database storage capacity horizontally and their compatibility with standard MySQL enables you to re-use your existing code, applications, drivers and tools without changing a single line of code, in most cases.

This session covers more than the similarities. You can take away the comparison and contrast between the performance benchmarking results, the design and architecture, and the different use cases between Amazon Aurora MySQL and TiDB. Most importantly, Ed will demonstrate how you can combine the two to empower the Amazon Aurora MySQL users with a Hybrid Transnational and Analytical Processing (HTAP) database.


Ed Huang

Ed Huang (PingCAP)

Co-Founder and CTO


Ed Huang is the co-founder and CTO of PingCAP. He is a distributed systems and database expert.

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