Journey of MySQL at PayPal

Wednesday 4:15 PM - 5:05 PM

@ Big Bend CD


50 minutes conference


MySQL, Business & Enterprise

In this presentation, we'll cover the following areas:

1. RDBMS history and landscape (Oracle and MySQL) at PayPal
2. Current and future use cases of MySQL in PayPal
-- back office
-- internally facing applications
-- 3rd party applications
-- PayPal site applications
3. PayPal's effort of making MySQL as a first-class data store. We'll cover the active/active and active/passive architectural choices, managing a large number of application to database connections, enforcing security, backup, and recovery, etc.
4. Outlook of MySQL in PayPal


Dong Wang

Dong Wang (PayPal Holdings Inc)

Principal MTS


Dong Wang is the chief database engineer at PayPal and is currently leading the MySQL initiatives at PayPal. Dong was originally trained as a molecular biologist with a Ph.D. in biochemistry. Dong has been working in the database management field for over 20 years, with broad experience at startups as well as large enterprises. Dong has been working with many database technologies including RDBMS and NoSQL. Dong has presented multiple times at industry and user conferences including IOUG Collaborate, Couchbase Connect, NCOUG.

Ashwin Nellore

Ashwin Nellore (PayPal Holdings Inc)

Sr Manager of Database DevOps


Ashwin is currently leading the PayPal Database DevOps team.

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