Backing Up Data in the Age of Security Compliance and Security Breaches

Thursday 4:10 PM - 4:35 PM

@ Hill Country C


25 minutes conference


MySQL, Database Security

As we move into the future, data becomes worth stealing and is stolen often. Backups become critical not only to be safe in case of an accident, but safe from people and computers who should not have your data. Security Compliance is here (and there will be more in the future) and both PCI and GDPR have requirements for backups. Plus our data may be what thieves really want so encryption, storage and retention policies must be looked at or used.

Come share your experience and learn from others on how to make databases secure and compliant.


Aleksandr Kuzminsky

Aleksandr Kuzminsky (TwinDB)



Aleks had managed MySQL since the last century in a number of Internet companies like Dropbox, Box. He was a data recovery specialist in Percona and now devotes his free time to protecting databases at TwinDB.

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