Alibaba Open Source Patches in AliSQL

Thursday 2:55 PM - 3:45 PM

@ Hill Country B

Open Source Databases

50 minutes conference



Alibaba has made lots of improvements for MySQL 8.0 in the Cloud, and will open source these patches soon.

These patches include: Performance Insight & Diagnose, New Feature and Stability Improvement. For example, we added more Object Statistics for DBAs, like CPU, LOCK and IO internal information. And we added more features for the users, like: Sequence Engine which is similar to Oracle Sequence; the Global Read-View for InnoDB, which can guarantee cross-session consistency; Async Purge File for dropping big tables; Implicit Primary Key for speeding up non-primary-key tables replication.


Lixun Peng

Lixun Peng (Alibaba Cloud)

Staff Engineer


Lixun works as a Staff Database Engineer for Alibaba Cloud, is a Senior Developer for the MariaDB Foundation, and have been an Oracle ACE Director for MySQL since 2013. Lixun is also Vice-President of the All China MySQL User Group (ACMUG), and have contributed numerous features and bugfixes to the MySQL/MariaDB community such as multi-source replication, thread memory monitoring, Flashback, etc. Lixun is also a co-translator of the Chinese version of the High Performance MySQL (3rd) and MariaDB Knowledge Base.

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