10 Common Mistakes (Java) Developers Make when Writing SQL

Thursday 4:10 PM - 4:35 PM

@ Big Bend AB

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25 minutes conference


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It's easy for Java developers (and users of other OO languages) to mix object-oriented thinking and imperative thinking. But when it comes to writing SQL the nightmare begins! Firstly because SQL is a declarative language and it has nothing to do with either OO or imperative thinking and as for one point it makes it relatively easy to express a condition in SQL it is not so easy to express it optimally and even worse to translate it to the OO paradigm. For another point, they need to think in terms of set and relational algebra, even if unconsciously!

In this talk, we'll see the most common mistakes that OO, and in special Java, developers make when writing SQL code and how we can avoid them.


Charly Batista

Charly Batista (Percona)

Senior Suport Engineer


Charly worked as Java Architect for many years and using many different database technologies. He helped to design some of the features of the system used in the Brazilian Postal Service, the largest Java project in Latin America in that time. He also helped to design the database of the Brazilian REDESIM project, the system that is responsible for the municipalities taxation in Brazil. He now lives in China and works as Senior Engineer at Percona.

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