Introducing the new PMM 2.0!

PMM 2.0 represents a significant advance in terms of monitoring for Open Source Databases. Come to this session in order to learn about the following:
* Query Analytics improvements
* Architectural changes
* API and GUI configuration

Part 1: MySQL 101: Operational DBA in a Nutshell

Do you want to get more familiar with how to become a MySQL DBA? Are you a developer familiar with writing applications that use MySQL, but feel a bit limited on how to manage a MySQL database?

Replicating MySQL Data to TiDB For Real-Time Analytics

With the amount of stored data growing quickly, analytics work has turned into a very intensive workload that will hit our MySQL servers in very hard way.

MariaDB Security Features and Best Practices

Most Enterprises today own information of critical value such as intellectual property, customers personal data or private financial data. This type of data should never be exposed to unauthorized malicious access.

Deep Dive into Spring Data and MongoDB

MongoBD is one of the most popular NoSQL database: how can we get started?
This talk will explore Document Oriented Modeling, Spring Data MongoDB framework features and lessons learned using this stack in production.

How to use Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) to build and manage applications at scale

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is a fast, scalable, highly available, and fully managed document database service that supports MongoDB workloads.

Introducing Java Profiling via Flame Graphs

In this talk, you'll be introduced to the basic concepts of profiling Java code using perf_events (aka perf). You'll see how to collect stack traces, and how to use Flame Graphs to provide a dynamic visual display for them.

Troubleshooting Java Connection to MySQL

This talk will explain the steps needed to make connection from Java to MySQL work and highlight potential issues you might encounter. It will cover all components, installation, and configuration.

Using PMM with AWS RDS and Aurora

Are you a user of the world's most popular Cloud provider, and someone who leverages their Database As A Service platforms of RDS or Aurora? Come to this talk to hear how PMM can provide rich visibility of these platforms for MySQL and PostgreSQL. We'll cover:

Introduction to PL/pgSQL Development

When developing against a PostgreSQL database, many times you will use SQL from your applications, but sometimes you need more. You might need to run some of your logic on the database server for performance or you may want to just create some server-side functions to simplify your application development.


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