High Availability and Automatic Failover in PostgreSQL on Kubernetes, On-premise and Cloud

PostgreSQL is an advanced open source database that is completely community driven. Continuous development and performance improvements, while maintaining a secondary focus on Oracle compatibility, gave PostgreSQL a great market penetration.

At Rest Encryption with MySQL and Vault

A discussion of different types of encryption as it relates to MySQL and the community, followed by a deep dive into key management with Hashicorp's Vault software and MySQL.

Mailchimp Scale: a MySQL Perspective

MailChimp has grown from a small company to serving millions of micro-businesses, in addition to SMBs and Enterprises. We have a fairly pedestrian approach to MySQL, but we now run hundreds and perhaps soon to be thousands of MySQL instances.

Simple Monitoring for Java Applications and Database

Usually, Java applications use databases as storage. With an already working app, it's not necessarily so easy to support and maintain. We'll review some cases where you have a MySQL-powered Java application, and how you can easily set up monitoring for it using PMM.

NoSQL to PostgreSQL - Adventures in Migrations

Considering a move to PostgreSQL? Here's a chance to learn from all the fun adventures we had moving one of our services from RethinkDB to PostgreSQL.

From materialized view refreshes, to system view queries, to torn page analysis, there's never a dull moment during that first migration!

Automated Database Monitoring at Uber With M3 and Prometheus

This talk will focus on the self-managed nature of Uber's database monitoring and how we've leveraged our open source time series database M3DB to support massive multi-region scale and high cardinality monitoring.

Migrating Between Proprietary and Open Source Database Technologies - Calculating Your ROI

Modern relational databases are all tied together by a well-defined standard for SQL, the latest version published in 2016. But not all SQL implementations follow the standard and even when they do, they often embellish on it and users tend to use the features they see available to them.

Open Source Database Performance Optimization and Monitoring with PMM

This is a hands-on tutorial covers how to set up monitoring for MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL database servers using the Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) platform.

Extending and Customizing Percona Monitoring and Management

Do you already run stock PMM in your environment and want to learn how you extend the PMM platform? Come learn about:
1. Dashboard Customizations
How to create custom dashboard from existing graphs, or build Cross Server Dashboards
2. External Exporters - Monitor any service, anywhere!

Monitoring PostgreSQL with Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM)

Learn how to monitor PostgreSQL using Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) so that you can:
* gain greater visibility of performance and bottlenecks PostgreSQL
* Consolidate your PostgreSQL servers into the same monitoring platform you already use for MySQL and MongoDB


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