Low Cost Transactional and Analytics With MySQL and Clickhouse, Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Would you like MySQL Protocol Compatibility and near real time dashboard analytics with that?

Percona XtraDB Cluster Break/Fix Lab

In this tutorial, we'll walk through over ten scenarios where things can get complex with your Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC)/Galera installation. We will break things in these scenarios and then you'll have a chance to diagnose and fix them. Learn some of the most complex troubleshooting techniques.

Solving Everyday Data Problems with FoundationDB

Ryan will demonstrate how FoundationDB can be applied to solve real business problems today and how to map common infrastructure components like logs, tables, and indexes into a cohesive system within FoundationDB.

Adopting a Habit of Continuous Learning

Technology is ever evolving. New open source databases pop up and fade away.

Even the role of a database administrator changes as DBaaS adoption becomes status quo.

The burden of maintaining your skills and knowledge is on you.

MongoDB Sharded Cluster Tutorial

- Cluster Components
- Collection Sharding
- Query Routing
- Balancing
- Zones
- Use Cases
- Backups
- Troubleshooting

Galera Cluster New Features

MariaDB 10.4 will come with new Galera Replication version 4. This presentation will outline the new features of Galera 4 Replication as present in MariaDB 10.4 and share the early user experiences with it.

A Tale of 8T (Transportable Tablespaces Vs Mysqldump)

Multi-source replication is an awesome way to aggregate data for BI/Analytics,

But how to get all those 42 database instances (Total 8T) into one instance when keeping weeks of binlog is not an option ?

PostgreSQL Tutorial for Oracle, MySQL DBAs and Beginners

This is the first part of a two-part tutorial session, morning and afternoon.

Upgrade or Migrate Your PostgreSQL Database Through a Lowest Possible Downtime

PostgreSQL performance varies between different releases. Every new version comes with added features and performance improvements that help the growing adoption of PostgreSQL.

Building PostgreSQL as an Enterprise Grade Setup Using Open Source Tools

"I migrated from a proprietary database software to PostgreSQL. I am curious to know whether I can get the same features I used to have in the proprietary database software."


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