Large Scale Deployment of SSL/TLS For MySQL

Deploying SSL/TLS with MySQL at on thousands of servers is not without issues.

In this session I'll tell you what steps we took, what problems we hit, and how we improved various parts of the MySQL ecosystem while doing so.

Join Heterogeneous Databases Using PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrappers

PostgreSQL provides a way to communicate with external data sources. This could be another PostgreSQL instance or any other database. The other database might be a relational database, such as MySQL or Oracle; or any NoSQL database such as MongoDB or Hadoop.

A Deep Dive Into PostgreSQL Indexing

Indexes are a basic feature of relational databases, and PostgreSQL offers a rich collection of options to developers and designers.

Enhancing the Default MongoDB Security

In this day and age, maintaining privacy throughout our electronic communications is absolutely necessary. Creating user accounts, and not exposing your MongoDB environment to the wider internet, are basic concepts that have been missed in the past.

The MySQL Query Optimizer Explained Through Optimizer Trace

All major considerations and decisions made by the MySQL Query Optimizer may be recorded in an Optimizer Trace. While EXPLAIN will show the query execution plan the Query Optimizer has decided to use, MySQL's Optimizer Trace will tell WHY the optimizer selected this plan.

Globalizing Player Accounts with MySQL at Riot Games

The Player Accounts team at Riot Games needed to consolidate the player account infrastructure and provide a single, global accounts system for the League of Legends player base.

Problem Identification and Resolution using PMM - A Case Study

Have you struggled with identifying issues in MySQL?

Vitess: Running Sharded MySQL on Kubernetes

Vitess has continued to evolve into a massively scalable sharded solution for the cloud. It's is now used for storing core business data for companies like Slack, Square,, and many others.

This session will cover the high-level features of Vitess with a focus on what makes it cloud-native.

The Highs and Lows of Running a Distributed Database on Kubernetes

As modern organizations have rapidly embraced containers in recent years, stateful applications like databases have proven tougher to transition into this brave new world than other workloads.

Performing MongoDB Massive Write Operations Efficiently

Either because of a new feature, a bug, or just for archival purposes, it is often necessary to update or remove large amounts of documents in production.


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