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Vineet Khanna, Senior Database Engineer at Autodesk, having 10+ years of experience as a MySQL DBA. His main professional interests are managing complex database environments, improving database performance, architecting High Availability solutions for MySQL. He has handled database environments of organizations like Chegg, Zendesk, Adobe.

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Migrating to Aurora and Monitoring with PMM

AWS Aurora is one of the promising cloud-based RDBMS Solution. The main reason for the Aurora success is because it's based on InnoDB storage engine.

In this session, We are going to talk about how can you plan for Aurora migration in an efficient way using Terraform & Percona Products. We will be sharing our Terraform code to launch AWS Aurora clusters, tricks to check data consistency, migration path and effective monitoring using PMM.

The abstract of the session includes :

1. Why AWS Aurora? Future of AWS Aurora?

2. Build Aurora Infra
i. Using Terraform (Without Data)
ii. Restore Using Terraform & Percona XtraBackup (Using AWS S3 Bucket)

3. Verify data Consistency

4. Aurora Migration
i. 1:1 Migration
ii. Many:1 migration using Percona Server multi-source replication

5. Show Benchmarks and PMM dashboard

6. Demo

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