Tom Manville

Tom Manville

Tom Manville

Member of Techincal Staff, Kasten


Tom graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011 and 2013 with a B.S.E. and M.S.E. in Computer Engineering where he did research on low power computing and chip architecture. After graduation, he joined Maginatics, cloud based file system company which was acquired by EMC (now EMC Dell) late in 2014. After the acquisition, he joined Dropbox where he was focused on scaling Dropbox's metadata storage on MySQL. In 2017, Tom joined the founding team at Kasten, a startup solving data management challanges in Kubernetes.

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Data Management in Kubernetes Using Kanister

Kubernetes is the most popular container orchestrator and is enabling enterprises to rapidly containerize their application stacks. Kubernetes' adoption still faces many challenges, particularly when it comes to stateful applications.

The engineers at Kasten have open sourced Kanister to allow ops teams to incorporate their existing tools into Kubernetes. Kanister is a framework for domain experts to write blueprints specifying how to perform data management in Kubernetes. Each blueprint is specific to a data service, like MySQL and can be modified to integrate with your infrastructure. The talk will conclude with demos of backup and restore of MySQL and MongoDB using example blueprints included with Kanister.

This talk will be targeted towards anyone interesting in running stateful applications in Kubernetes. The audience will learn why the current primitives exposed by Kubernetes aren't sufficient for data operations and how Kanister fills in the gaps.

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