Kimberly Wilkins

Kimberly Wilkins

Kimberly Wilkins

Principal Engineer, ObjectRocket


Principal Engineer -Databases, currently specializing in NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Elastic, and others. Previously an Oracle DBA for 'multiple' years. Food, Wine, Travel, my dog, friends, music then numerous new technologies including new db techs, AR/MR, the evolution of AI/ML/DL with ethical limits, and the blockchain technology blasting past us today.

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A Seat At the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Table for NoSQL Database Technologies

With the recent explosion of cryptocurrencies and the rapid rise of associated blockchain technologies, some seem to assume that blockchain will replace many other types of databases. Many even believe that blockchains are a database. We won't debate that in this session. However, we will discuss what blockchain is, why this technology is taking off, its basic architecture and functionality and how it really works. We'll also cover smart contracts a bit before pointing out where gaps still exist.
It is in those gap areas that NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch still have a great seat at the table and have plenty to offer in this growing ecosystem.

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