Igorcho Donchovski

Igorcho Donchovski

Igorcho Donchovski

Lead Database Consultant, Pythian


MongoDB Certified DBA supporting the next-generation of database solutions in both MySQL and MongoDB. With a masters degree in Software Engineering, Igor enjoys the variety of challenges he faces while working at Pythian, rather than working on the same thing every day. When he's not working, he can be found running or hiking.

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How to Scale MongoDB

Redundancy and high availability are the basis for all production deployments. Database systems with large data sets or high throughput applications can challenge the capacity of a single server like CPU for high query rates or RAM for large working sets. Adding more CPU and RAM for vertical scaling is limited. Systems need horizontal scaling by distributing data across multiple servers.

MongoDB supports horizontal scaling through sharding. Each shard consists of a replica set that provides redundancy and high availability. In this session we will talk about:

-How MongoDB HA works
-Replica sets components/deployment typologies
-Cluster components - mongos, config servers and shards/replica set
-Shard keys and chunks
-Hashed vs. range based sharding
-Reads vs. writes on sharded cluster

Securing Your Data: All Steps for Encrypting Your MongoDB Database

In this day and age, maintaining privacy throughout our electronic communications is absolutely necessary. Creating user accounts and not exposing your MongoDB environment to the wider internet are basic concepts that have been missed in the past. Once that has been addressed, individuals and organizations interested in becoming PCI compliant must turn to securing their data through encryption.

With MongoDB, we have two options for encryption: at rest (only available as enterprise feature with MongoDB) and transport encryption. In this session, we will review:

- Why encryption is important
- What are the prerequisites to set up encryption
- Step by step for encryption at rest and in transit
- Encrypting data with volume encryption in the cloud
- Percona for MongoDB encryption features

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