David Murphy

David Murphy

David Murphy

MongoDB Practice Manager , Percona


David is the Practice Manager for MongoDB at Percona. Prior to that he was one of the early memeber for ObjectRocket the leader in DBaaS for MongoDB specializing in performance. Prior to this he was a Database Architect as Electronic Arts , the game producer and help various systems, networking and development roles. His work includes things like sharding, distributed systems, tool building, very large-scale issues, and high-performance MongoDB architecture and design. As a speaker, he prefers to focus on solutions in the real world to issues, to this point he tries to regularly publish code to help everyone use his solutions or have ideas to inspire their own.Additionally, he is a Mongo Master Alumni and core code contributor to MongoDB and other open source technologies.

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MongoDB 3.6 Features and Their Benefits

By now you surely know that MongoDB 3.6 Community became generally available on Dec 5, 2017. Of course, this is great news: it has some big ticket items that we are all excited about! But we need to talk about general thoughts on this release good an

It is always a good idea for your internal teams to study and consider new versions. This is crucial for understanding if and when you should start using it. After deciding to use it, there is the question of if you want your developers using the new features (or are they not suitably implemented yet to be used)?

So what is in MongoDB 3.6 Community?

- Sessions
- Change streams
- Retryable writes
- Security improvement
- Major love for arrays in aggregation
- A better balancer
- JSON Schema validation
- Better time management
- Compass is community
- Major WiredTiger internal overhaul

As you can see, this is an extensive list. But there are 1400+ implemented Jira tickets just on the server (not even in the WiredTigers project).

This is a big so come hungry!

MongoDB 201 - Advanced

This hands-on tutorial is for when a single replica set it not enough. As some people may not have attended the morning session, there will be talks on backup types and import/export patterns. However, these will be extended to also consider sharding.

We will also talk about multiple aspects of sharding and using the right engine for your workload. If you want to know the basics about MongoDB you should also attend the morning session.

What to expect in this session:
- Types of sharding and which MongoDB uses
- Rules for picking a good shard key
- MongoDB engines and how they matter as much as the shard key itself
- Example of a multiple DC data local cluster (GDPR, EU privacy as a reason for it)
- Example of a multiple region cluster for DR
- How to fix things when you pick a bad shard key
- Implementing schema rules to prevent bad actors
- Backup considerations with sharding
- When do you scale up vsx scale out?
- Troubleshooting a cluster, it's easier than you think when you know the rope

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