Baron Schwartz

Baron Schwartz

Baron Schwartz

CEO, VividCortex


Baron is a widely-recognized expert on database internals, web performance, and large-scale application development. His best-selling technical books and open-source software are used by tens of thousands of engineers every day. Before founding VividCortex, Baron was an executive at Percona. He has a degree in Computer Science.

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Engineering The Application/Database Boundary

The interaction between applications and the database is one of the most intricate and important in the systems we build. This boundary region is special and complex for a number of reasons. It's the surface that separates stateful from stateless, off-the-shelf from custom, and battle-tested atoms from fast-changing molecules. But more than that, it's not crisply defined. There's no bright line that divides these worlds. Instead, there's a zone where each region is partially enmeshed. Consider schema and indexing design, for example, which is a combination of predefined and user-defined; the query language and its interplay with the planner is another. This is a zone of complexity and richness, where lots of gnarly things sprout, but also where there's a lot of opportunity to learn, so you can design and improve applications better. Baron will share lessons learned from his career of observing how applications and databases interact. You'll leave with insights that will help you see new ways to build better.

Future Perfect: The New Shape Of The Data Tier

It's obvious that macro trends such as cloud computing, microservices, containerization, and serverless applications are fundamentally changing how we architect, build, deploy, and operate modern applications. We've already seen how these changes have affected our data platforms dramatically over the past few years. Where is this going? Are we about to see the total obsolescence of the basic administration things we do today, like backups and upgrades? What about schema design, query optimization, and indexing? Will there even BE a database as we know it in ten years? And what role will open source and free software play? Bring your bitpens and write Baron's predictions into the blockchain, because one thing's sure: he's going to say a lot of things that will be proven wrong.

Database Evolution in the Cloud Panel

How companies build applications and deploy databases has changed drastically over the last 5 years. Enterprises are moving applications and workloads to the cloud in order to take advantage of flexibility, match resource consumption to actual needs and reduce hardware and software expenses. This panel will discuss the rapid changes occurring with databases deployed in the cloud and what that means for the future of databases, management and monitoring and the role of the DBA and developer.

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