Adamo Tonete

Adamo Tonete

Adamo Tonete

Senior Support Engineer , Percona


Adamo joined Percona in 2015, after working as a MongoDB/MySQL Database Administrator for three years. As the main database member of a startup, he was responsible for suggesting the best architecture and data flows for a worldwide company in a 7/24 environment. Before that, he worked as a Microsoft SQL Server DBA in a large e-commerce company, mainly on performance tuning and automation. Adamo has almost ten years of experience working as a DBA and in the past five years, he has moved to NoSQL technologies without giving up relational databases.

All Sessions

MongoDB 101 - Basics

This hands-on tutorial is intended to help you navigate your way through the steps that lead to becoming a MongoDB DBA.

You will start by making sure you know about all the reasons to use MongoDB, and what a typical topology looks like for a replica set - including setting up your first one!

We will not talk about sharding in this session (please see the afternoon one for that). Instead, the focus will be on a few areas:

- What is MongoDB
- How different is MongoDB from MySQL?
- The (most) common MongoDB topologies
- CRUD: data management
- Aggregations
- Import/export
- Backups
- Schema design patterns
- Replica Set upgrade
- Securing your setup
- Common issues: How to detect, verify and address them using logs, Percona Toolkit and PMM

Your First MongoDB Environment: What You Should Know Before Choosing MongoDB as Your Database

In this 101 topic, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of MongoDB.

For who never worked with MongoDB and are considering migrating to this database this talk will give you a real overview of the features and how to avoid common mistakes and misconception.

How to Upgrade MongoDB Versions Without Downtime

Do you have a 24x7 system and can't afford any downtime? In this talk, we are going to discuss the best methods to upgrade MongoDB versions, as well as how to change storage engines without downtime.
We will discuss the best architecture to do so, and the steps you need to walk through to perform these operations.

MongoDB and MySQL: Which One Is a Better Fit for Me?

Do you have a new project for which you need to choose a DBMS? Do you need to evaluate moving to MySQL from MongoDB, or vice versa? In this talk, we'll show the strengths and weaknesses of both databases, and the best usage for each one.

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