What's New in Alibaba's X-DB SQL Engine

Tuesday 2:20PM-3:10PM

@ Room G

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference



X-DB is Alibaba's next generation distributed and intelligent database which is ACID compliant, horizontally scalable, globally deployed and highly available. Motivated by the ideas of decoupling compute and storage, and intelligent database, we proposed a hardware/software co-designed architecture for X-DB to pursue extreme performance cost ratio, in order to support the world's largest and still fast-growing e-commerce platform. In this talk we'll introduce the work we have done in X-DB's SQL Engine.

? Plan Cache: a plus to MySQL Engine which boosts QPS by up to 170% on sysbench workloads and 34% on Alibaba's online purchasing system. We'll explain details of how it is created and used to skip heavy index dives at optimization stage, the efficient cache management, and the performance benefits.

? A state-of-art distributed SQL processing framework: the key component of X-DB built on top of MySQL Engine. We'll take a deep dive into the architecture, implementation details and leveraged technologies (i.e. high-performance RPC and scheduling sub-systems). We'll also share the achievement and lessons learnt so far, as well as our roadmap.


Min Qiu

Min Qiu (Alibaba Group)

Staff Engineer


Min is a database veteran with hands-on experience in different aspects of database kernel. Currently he is working on the SQL Engine of X-DB, Alibaba's next generation distributed database, to enable the distributed SQL processing. Prior to joining Alibaba, he worked at Huawei on Spark SQL optimizer and at Oracle on In-Memory database technologies. Min holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Hui Liu

Hui Liu (Alibaba Group)

Senior Engineer


Hui is a database expert at Alibaba Group and his work focuses on X-DB, the next generation Database in Alibaba. In the past, he also took important roles in various database projects at Alibaba. He was a developer of OceanBase from release 0.5 to 1.x, and initiated AliSQL project as a founding member. Before joining Alibaba, he worked for Schooner InfoTech, a startup later acquired by SanDisk.


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