TiDB Best Practices

Monday 1:30PM-2:55PM

@ Room 201

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50 minutes conference


Open Source Databases

TiDB is an open-source distributed HTAP database with both MySQL and Spark SQL interface. TiDB aims to work as an HTAP database that enables real-time business analysis based on live transactional data. Ever since TiDB 1.0 was released in Oct. 2017, hundreds of users entrust TiDB to tackle the scalability problem of MySQL, and to run real-time OLAP queries within a single TiDB cluster deployment with the help of TiSpark, the TiDB connector for Spark. In this talk, I'll talk about the best practices in deploying and operating the TiDB cluster.






Before co-founded PingCAP, Dongxu worked for NetEase and Wandou Labs, two large Chinese internet companies?as an infrastructure engineer. While at Wandou Labs, Dongxu experienced firsthand the difficulty of scaling databases manually as the amount of data increases. Seeing a huge opportunity, Dongxu co-founded PingCAP in 2015 with a vision that there should be a new kind of database to tackle the problem of big data storage. Besides his day job as the CTO of PingCAP, Dongxu is also a passionate open-source advocate and tech blogger.

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