Spider Storage Engine for the sharding

Tuesday 5:25PM-5:50PM

@ Room 203


25 minutes conference



Spider is a Storage Engine of MySQL and MariaDB for database sharding. This Storage Engine is 10 years old and bundled in MariaDB 10.0 and later. Spider supports the following things.
- Dividing a huge data into multiple servers. (sharding)
- Dividing a lot of accesses into multiple servers. (sharding)
- Joining tables on multiple servers. (cross shard join)
- Parallel processing on multiple servers. (parallel processing)
- Use bunch of databases as a database. (federating)
- Design and control data redundancy per table and partition. (redundancy)
- Design and control fault tolerance per table and partition. (fault tolerance)
- Parallel fulltext search on multiple servers. (fulltext searching)
- Parallel spacial search on multiple servers. (spacial searching)
- Dividing NoSQL access into multiple servers. (NoSQL)

In this session, I will introduce Spider and the latest Spider 3.3(GA) features.


Kentoku SHIBA

Kentoku SHIBA (Spiral Arms LLC)



Storage Engine Developer. His main works are creating and improving Spider Storage Engine for database sharding, Vertical Partitioning Storage Engine for column base table partitioning. And also he is a developer of "Mroonga Storage Engine" for fast full-text searching especially for CJK languages. He has experience interacting with the MySQL RDBMS as a developer, administrator, and sometimes also application developer. He has deployed MySQL in a variety of different environments, including corporate intranets, high-traffic web sites, and mission-critical applications, and is a vocal advocate of MySQL in his role as a software consultant. All his experiences have got involve to focus on developing his Spider. He has focus on both MariaDB and MySQL. Recently, his storage engine Spider has bundle on MariaDB 10.0.


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