Serverless Kubernetes Infrastructure Writing Data to a Percona DB: Overview and Simple Demonstration

Tuesday 2:20PM-3:10PM

@ Room M1

MySQL / MariaDBOpen Source Databases

50 minutes conference


Developer, Operations

In this session, John Jainschigg, Master of the Universe, and Bill Bauman, Head of Innovation and Strategy at Opsview, will review the steps taken to build a simple Kubernetes infrastructure to support serverless workloads.

The infrastructure includes an installation of Percona Server for MySQL for writing form, structured data.

This is relatively high level, focused on the capabilities and possibilities of what can be accomplished using modern technologies including orchestrated containers and serverless infrastructure in your own datacenter. A key point of interest during the discovery phase was, how do we monitor this thing?

We're eager to discuss your ideas, questions and comments, so join us!


Bill Bauman

Bill Bauman (Opsview)

Head of Innovation and Strategy


Bill heads up product strategy and an innovation team at Opsview, a systems and applications monitoring company. He's passionate about AI and machine learning, as well as other emerging technologies. He's written several eBooks explaining technology in context of business. Bill's held various roles in the hardware and software industries in processor development, post sales, pre sales, business development, marketing and product management. He loves cycling, coffee and travel.

John Jainschigg

John Jainschigg (Opsview)

Content Strategy Lead


John Jainschigg, Content Strategy Lead at Opsview, is a software and DevOps engineer with broad background in content, product, and alliance marketing and technology journalism. John joins Opsview from OpenStack provider, Mirantis, where he worked as TME and Technical Solutions Marketing Manager. As Executive Director of the Internet and Community Lab at ZiffDavisEnterprise, John developed immersive event and related metrics and web frameworks for online event production, and produced virtual event series for IBM SmarterTechnology, Cisco, Intel, Sun/Oracle, Siemens, and other organizations. In an earlier life, he was online Editor in Chief of Dr. Dobb's Journal, Editor in Chief of Communications Convergence, Teleconnect, and Computer Telephony Magazines.


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