Postgres 10 Highlights and Deep Dive

Monday 1:30PM-4:30PM

@ Room M2

Open Source Databases

3 hours tutorial


Developer, Operations

Postgres 10 was one of the most significant releases in years, adding several long-awaited features: Logical Replication, an overhauled Partitioning System, enhanced multi-server management options, improved parallel query support and better support for multi-column statistics, (among other changes).

This tutorial will be split into two parts. The first will provide an overview of where the project is today and a look at many of the new features that came out in Postgres 10. For part two, we will provide a live demonstration of logical replication, and discuss various trade-offs between this new replication option and the other existing solutions.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop with Postgres 10 installed and to play along as we walk through our live demonstrations. This will also give you a good basis for setting up your own experiments to help you get hands-on experience with this new service.


Robert Treat

Robert Treat (OmniTI)



Working on database-backed, internet-based systems for over a decade, Robert is a long time user, developer, and advocate for open source technologies. Best known for his work in the Postgres community, he has contributed to dozens of projects over the years and served on numerous conference committees and industry working groups. An international speaker on databases, open source, DevOps, and web operations, he spends his days as CEO of OmniTI, a technology firm that builds and maintains world-class infrastructure for forward-thinking organizations.

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