POLARDB for MyRocks - Make MyRocks Run on Shared Storage

Wednesday 3:00PM-3:50PM

@ Room E

Alibaba Cloud

50 minutes conference



POLARDB is Alibaba Cloud's new generation cloud-native database, POLARDB for MyRocks is our POLARDB-serials products which is based on MyRocks, and running on shared storage, using RocksDB logs for replication.

We solved many problems for deploying MyRocks on shared storage, such as:

1. RocksDB log replication
2. Converting system tables engine to RocksDB
3. Privileges cache replication
4. DDL replication
5. MVCC in Replica
6. RocksDB new log format and how to recycle them


Yuan Zhang

Yuan Zhang (Alibaba Cloud)

Senior Database Engineer


I work as a Senior Database Engineer for Alibaba Cloud, focus on the MySQL kernel development. Maintaining the AliSQL & MyRocks branch in Alibaba Cloud.


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