Observability features of Vitess

Wednesday 1:50PM-2:40PM

@ Room E

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference


Business / Case Studies

Vitess is now used in production at multiple companies. This has led to many inquiries about Observability. Vitess shines in this area by providing query logs, transaction logs, information URLs, and status variables that can feed into a monitoring system like Prometheus.

This session will cover these features, along with a demonstration on how they can be used to troubleshoot production issues.


Sugu Sougoumarane

Sugu Sougoumarane (PlanetScale Data)

Co-founder and CTO


Sugu co-created the Vitess project in 2010 and has been working on it since then. He is currently focused on building and supporting the Vitess community. He loves to talk about distributed systems, consensus algorithms, as well as SQL parsers and optimizers.


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