Large-Scale Percona Monitoring and Management Installation

Tuesday 2:20PM-3:10PM

@ Room M3

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference



The presentation will be a real-life study on how we use PMM for monitoring of 120+ MySQL and ProxySQL-servers, as well as query optimisation

During the project, we found a few caveats, that others embarking this journey should be aware of. We've also found a few "hidden features", where we're able to use PMM in ways beyond the standard interfaces, due to the fact that it's all built on open and battle-tested software.


Kristofer Grahn

Kristofer Grahn (Verisure Innovation)

Senior Systems Specialist


Kristofer Grahn - Swiss-army knife Sysadmin and Dba. Started of as a Novell administrator working with Netware/Groupwise for Malmö university. Add Suse, Vmware and some Iscsi to the mix and you are ready to go Dba. Started @Verisure as a Linux Sysadmin and ended up caring for the the sharded Mysql databases and Cassandra cluster backing the platform.

Johan Nilsson

Johan Nilsson (Verisure Innovation)

Systems Specialist


Johan Nilsson is currently working as a MySQL-DBA on a large-scale installation with zero downtime requirements at one of Europe's largest supplier of smart alarms for homes and small businesses. He started his career as an UNIX systems and network administrator in 1999, and gradually shifted to working with database administration on systems with high uptime demands. This became the main focus in 2008. He also holds a Oracle 11g DBA OCP.


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