HybridDB for MySQL: A HTAP Implementation of Next Generation Distributed Databases

Monday 11:05AM-12:30PM

@ Room 201

Alibaba Cloud

50 minutes conference



HybridDB for MySQL is a distributed database which supports OLTP and OLAP (HTAP) on massive data. The central design idea of HybridDB for MySQL is share nothing and it separates the storage nodes and computing nodes, which makes the storage nodes and computing nodes can scale up separately. And the OLTP and OLAP can share the same data set in HybridDB for MySQL by design. Same as MySQL, HybridDB for MySQL supports different storage engines and user can choose the engine according to their business. Further more, HybridDB for MySQL can run on not only local disk but also shared storage, and it can provide better OLTP performance and higher availability by using PolarStore (an Alibaba Cloud shared storage engine).


Qian Wang

Qian Wang (Alibaba Cloud)

Staff Database Engineer


The database leader of Alibaba Cloud HybridDB for MySQL, focused on the distribute database since 2008. In the last five years, he led his team, launched a new distribute database support OLTP and OLAP simultaneously, widely used in big data field like online trading, real-time data warehouse, IoT industry. HybridDB for MySQL also provides high performance, high availability, dynamic enlarge, self-maintaining, second grained monitoring service to make the database easy to use.

Guoqing Ma

Guoqing Ma (Alibaba Cloud)

Database Engineer


Guoqing Ma works as a database engineer for Alibaba Cloud, focus on the desgining and developing of Alibaba's HTAP product HybridDB for MySQL. Before that, Guoqing Ma got the master degree at BUAA uinversity and engaged in distributed systems and databases research.

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