Hiring DBAs from an HR perspective

Monday 5:25PM

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The role of the DBA is evolving, as more companies and products move to a hybrid model where, along with their traditional work, DBAs are expected to code. We've scaled our Data Stores team to bring in pure developers, pure DBAs, and a mix of both. We were able to find creative ways to help support our DBAs to better adapt to the changes in the industry. We're discovering how increasingly complex it is to find candidates with this mix of experience, and through learning from our struggles we have learned the best methods to find DBAs and to help them evolve. We want DBAs to be prepared for this new world and would love to share our industry findings with this community.


Kayla Boyer

Kayla Boyer (Shopify)

Engineering Recruitment Lead


I lead recruitment for Shopify's Production Engineering team out of our HQ in Ottawa. I've always loved problem solving and worked as a developer for about a year. Shopify presented a new path for me, to combine my love of technology with my interest in people and their motivations, and I made the switch into recruiting. I use my development background to deeply understand our engineering team and their hiring needs - it's kind of my super power. Hiring folks for this team from all over the world while helping my team grow in their craft is a hectic job, so I'm often found in the yoga studio returning to center. :pray:.


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