Getting Started with Vitess

Monday 9:30AM-12:30PM

@ Room M3

MySQL / MariaDB

3 hours tutorial


Developer, Operations

Are you dealing with the challenges of rapid growth? Are you thinking about how to scale your database layer? Should you use NoSQL? Should you shard your relational database? If you are facing these kinds of problems, this tutorial is for you.

Vitess is a database solution for deploying, scaling and managing large clusters of MySQL instances. It's architected to run as effectively in a public or private cloud architecture as it does on dedicated hardware. It combines and extends many important MySQL features with the scalability of a NoSQL database.

By the end of the session, attendees will understand the basics of how to get a Vitess cluster up and running. They will also understand how to perform most of the typical operations you face while running Vitess clusters in a production environment.


Rafael Chacon

Rafael Chacon (Slack)

Senior Software Engineer


Rafael is a Senior Software Engineer on the Slack Infrastructure team. At Slack, Rafael has been working on the mysql database layer on top of Vitess. Rafael is passionate about scaling and distribute systems. Prior to Slack he was part of the core services team at MyFitnessPal. He was working on the foundational services that helped scaled the application to more than 100 million users.

Jitendra [Jiten] Vaidya

Jitendra [Jiten] Vaidya (PlanetScale Inc.)



Jiten Vaidya is co-founder and CEO at PlanetScale, a company that supports Vitess ( For most of his career, he worked as a backend infrastructure engineer and manager at Dropbox, YouTube and Google. It was at YouTube, where he managed the DBA and SRE teams, that the open-source project Vitess started.

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