Database Management in Groupon

Wednesday 3:00PM-3:50PM

@ Room M1


50 minutes conference




In current world most of the Database Administration tasks were repeatable. The challenge is to avoid repeated works by automate/script the task for efficient time management. In Groupon we use Opensource databases MySQL and PostgreSQL. We manage operations using Ansible play books.
This presentation covers how Ansible Playbooks are helpful to avoid manual works.

Key Points:
- What is Ansible?
- How Ansibles are used to improve efficiency and reduced most of the manual works.
- Provisioning MySQL & Postgres Databases.
- Cloning Slaves from Master DB
- Destroy databases
- Whitelisting app servers against databases.
- Find config/parameter consistency across the board.
- Backup the database
- Restore validation.
- Failover database.
- Restore DB using ZFS snashots.
- Install & enable monitoring config.
- Bunch of useful Ansible commands.
- Q & A


Mani Subramanian

Mani Subramanian (Groupon)

Sr. Manager, Global Database Services


Working in Database management world for 15+ years. Worked in Oracle database long time. Now working on MySQL and Postgres. Currently working for Groupon. Managing 500+ instances to run our business. Earlier worked for Ning, Glam Media, Citi Group, HP, Sun Microsystems and See Commerce and few other companies.


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