Building a Transactional Key-Value Store That Scales to 100+ Nodes

Wednesday 3:00PM-3:50PM

@ Room M2

Open Source Databases

50 minutes conference



As a distributed key-value storage engine, TiKV supports strong data consistency, auto-horizontal scalability, and ACID transaction. Many users are now using TiKV directly in production as the replacement of other key-value storage, some of them even have scaled TiKV to 100+ Nodes.

In this talk, I will talk about how we make it possible. The details include but not limited to:

1. Why did we choose RocksDB as the backend storage engine? How to optimize it?
2. How to use the Raft consensus algorithm to support data consistency and horizontal scalability?
3. How to support distributed transaction?
4. How to use Prometheus to monitor the systems and troubleshoot?
5. How to test TiKV to verify its correctness and guarantee its stability?


Liu Tang

Liu Tang (PingCAP)

Chief Engineer


Bio: Liu Tang is the chief engineer of PingCAP. He has been building TiDB, an HTAP database, and TiKV, a distributed key-value storage. He is also an open source lover and has been developing some projects like LedisDB, go-mysql, go-mysql-eleasticsearch, etc.


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