Brothers in Arms - How to Make MySQL and PostgreSQL Work Together

Tuesday 11:30AM-12:20PM

@ Room H


50 minutes conference


Developer, Operations

The world is becoming increasingly complex for professionals working with data. The amount and diversity of data are on a level never before seen, and we often have to use different tools to store the increasing amount of data, for instance, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

It brings us another problem: how to make this ecosystem work properly? Is it possible to make them talk to each other? Is it possible to replicate from MySQL to PostgreSQL or vice-versa?

This presentation aims to do that, make MySQL talk to PostgreSQL and make them work together in a heterogeneous setup. We will see different tools and techniques like PostgreSQL Logical Decoding, SymmetricDS, pg_chameleon, Tungsten Replicator and in the end, we will have a heterogeneous setup with MySQL and PostgreSQL replicating from each other.


Charly Batista

Charly Batista (Percona)

Senior Support Engineer


Database administrator and open source enthusiast Charly works at Percona since 2016 as Senior Support Engineer. He loves databases (in all its flavors), free software, fishing, and cooking.


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