Bringing Multi-threading to the I/O Level

Tuesday 1:20PM-2:10PM

@ Room 203

MySQL / MariaDBMongoDBOpen Source Databases

50 minutes conference



Many administrators responsible for databases confront two clashing phenomena:

· Data is coming at increasingly higher rates (from an expanding number of sources)
· The time required to process transactions and analyze data is rapidly shrinking

The most common approaches to address these issues and speed up databases are to deploy new hardware and refactor code. At times, however, these approaches are not viable - particularly in the short term - due to implementation risks, cost, and timelines.

In this session, you will learn:

· How parallelism in the I/O layer impacts performance, particularly in database servers
· How interrupt-based I/O limits throughput in systems with high core count
· The connection between I/O waits and CPU context switches
· The impact of parallelizing I/O on solving these problems
· Cloud-based VMs, storage cost, and database performance
· A software-based alternative to mitigating I/O problems


Rodrigo Medeiros

Rodrigo Medeiros (DataCore)

Senior Solutions Architect


Rodrigo Medeiros is a Senior Solutions Architect for Data Platforms at DataCore Software with extensive experience in solution design for high-volume transactional systems and business intelligence. He has worked as a consultant for e-commerce and finance companies in Europe and in the United States, and is currently based in Fort Lauderdale.


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