Percona Live 2017 Open Source Database Conference

April 24 - 27, 2017

Santa Clara, California

Peter Boros

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Peter Boros

Storage SRE - databases, Dropbox


Peter joined Dropbox's database team in February 2016, has a strong interest in automation and performance tuning. Before joining Dropbox, among many other things, he was Principal Architect at Percona, worked at Sun Microsystems, specialized there in performance tuning and was a DBA at Hungary's largest social networking site. He also taught many Oracle University MySQL courses. He has been using and working with open source software from early 2000s. He currently lives in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and son.


26 April - 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM at Ballroom B
At Dropbox, with 1000s of machines running MySQL, performance is important. Among other things, out team is responsible for our MySQL servers being tuned well. In this talk, we will talk about the performance impact of “environmental” MySQL tuning, where the tuning is neither at the SQL level (like creating indexes or using different table structures), nor with setting MySQL parameters (tuning... [read more]
27 April - 12:50 PM - 1:40 PM at Ballroom B
Automation is a critical part in every infrastructure if you want to keep your sanity. We will show you with practical examples how you can move on from your shell scripts and ansible playbooks to build a self-managing infrastructure which works on thousands, tens of thousands or even more servers without too much human interaction.