Percona Live 2017 Open Source Database Conference

April 24 - 27, 2017

Santa Clara, California

SQLite: SQL for the Internet of Things

SQLite: SQL for the Internet of Things

 27 April - 3:00 PM - 3:50 PM @ Ballroom G
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50 minutes conference
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SQLite is the most widely used and deployed database engine in the world with many billions of active installations. But SQLite is not a competitor to MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, or Oracle. SQLite solves a different problem and is complementary to those other technologies. MySQL and its competitors are designed to run in the datacenter at the center of the network, whereas SQLite is designed to run on devices on the edge of the network. This talk, by the creator and project leader for SQLite, discusses the design and scope of SQLite, its intended use cases, its strengths and its weaknesses, and its innovations and quirks.


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Richard Hipp



Richard Hipp is the original author of SQLite, and is as surprised as anyone else at how popular SQLite has become. These days, Richard leads a small band of intrepid hackers working furiously to maintain SQLite to the highest standards of the art. He also works on other open-source projects such as the Fossil version control system.

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