Percona Live 2017 Open Source Database Conference

April 24 - 27, 2017

Santa Clara, California

Data Integrity in Stateful Services

Data Integrity in Stateful Services

 27 April - 3:00 PM - 3:50 PM @ Ballroom H
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25 minutes conference
Tools and Techniques
Data in the Cloud


Data integrity is a core functional requirement driven by your business' requirements. Over the last decade, we’ve seen an explosion of distributed datastores (aka polyglot storage), including datastores managed for us as a service. Between distributed, bleeding edge and abstraction, we find ourselves needing to build more comprehensive solutions than ever to insure that unacceptable data loss does not occur. We can’t anticipate every problem, but we can identify and mitigate many of them in advance while building defense in depth. Laine explores how to effectively plan for and build recovery services at various inflection points in the data lifecycle. She starts this with an overview of recovery core principles and components. After this, she goes over a broad section of common or significant occurrences that can occur and impact data integrity. She then establishes effective tooling and process to ensure effective and rapid recovery, finally discussing the importance of culturally reinforcing the integration of recovery into all regular operational activities and mindsets of operations and development teams. Data Integrity Program * Timeliness and Evolution * Goals for Integrity * Planning for Recovery * Integrating Recovery into Day to Day Operations * Enumeration of Potential Issues * Anatomy of a Recovery Plan * Building a Culture of Data Integrity


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Laine Campbell

Co-Founder, CEO, SolaceClub


Laine Campbell has been working in production database infrastructures since 1999. She has led global teams of DBAs supporting infrastructures for some of the most active and well known e-commerce, online media and gaming companies in the last 17 years. She is one of two authors currently writing O'Reilly's new Database Reliability Engineering book. Certified in ITIL, with a strong operations background, she believes in the importance of solid operations processes and a committed relationship with business and engineering teams in order to succeed. Laine started Palomino in 2007 and spent 7 years focused on building a professional, proactive and passionate team of DBAs and Engineers for Palomino's clientele. In January of 2014, she formed, a collaboration of DevOps and DBA services. With rapid growth and a huge opportunity ahead, was acquired by the Pythian family. Laine is currently exploring business ideas and writing in Las Vegas.

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