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Mar 7, 2017
Culver City, CA

L.A. MySQL Meetup

NoSQL Meets Relational — the MySQL Ecosystem Gains More Flexibility

NoSQL is about breaking out of the perceived inflexibility of SQL. It became extremely popular in 2009, but its quite clear that the MySQL world has caught up to many flexibilities available in various NoSQL solutions. It started with dynamic columns being implemented in MariaDB Server for a few years, but that implementation wasn’t complete; we saw Facebook push the limits with DocStore, a document database within their tree. But MySQL (and Percona Server) provides full document store in 5.7, with the ability to also query the database using a new mysqlsh so you can write queries in JavaScript as opposed to regular SQL. There are also improvements when it comes to schema management - for example, now you can do many changes in an online fashion with tools like pt-online-schema-change and Github’s gh-ost. In 2017, its become quite clear that MySQL is bridging the gap to popular NoSQL ideas.

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